10 W. Genesee St., Apt. 19

                                                                                                Baldwinsville, NY   13027

                                                                                                21  September 1999

Mr. David Sutkowy

Commissioner’s Office

4th Floor, Civic Center

421 Montgomery Street

Syracuse, NY  13202



Dear Mr. Sutkowy:


I was recently notified my driver’s license was suspended for failure to pay child support. Could you please review what has happened to me?  I hope you will be able to make a discretionary decision which would allow restoration of my license as soon as possible.


In summary.  I have attached a letter I sent to the Collection Unit on Feb. 17, 1999.  I asked them not to suspend the license and provided them with the income information they requested. Also – my current income this year has been limited to work at the Software Workshop. I was not called upon to teach at OCC at all. I have enclosed a representative pay stub – my weekly take home pay is $240.00.


The Collection Unit order demands $120.00/week and it makes this a difficult situation. I have tried to keep them informed and have attached copies of letters from 28 April and 1 September which may provide some background. I am consulting with my attorney, Mr. James Stern, regarding how to proceed – there is an appeal pending – but it takes time.


This is a crisis situation for me. I live and work in Baldwinsville, I have an 83 year old mother who lives in Lyons, NY who does not drive and I am her only child.  My son Domenic is in California (and it has become impossible to see him without a license).


I understand you are limited in what administrative actions you can take. But I had to try to ask for help. Thank you very much for your time.



                                                                                                Sincerely yours,



                                                                                                John Murtari



CC: Mr. James Stern, Esq.