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27 July 2000

Honorable David G. Klim
Family Court
401 Montgomery Street
Syracuse, NY 13202

Dear Judge Klim,

One month has passed since the start of my sentence. Two weeks have been lost of Domenic's summer vacation, but four weeks remain.

I struggle to find the words that will release me so we may spend the remaining time together. Words that would allow my mother to enjoy her grandson's company. Words that would allow Domenic to have two involved parents.

I wish I could offer some compromise on the money paid to support collection, but other than a small monthly payment there is not much I can do and still leave money to see Dom. Obviously, I could abandon my beliefs and efforts at reform, abandon the business (which has allowed me to have time for Dom and offers him long-term benefits). Just get a regular job, pay the money, and see Dom when I can. It's what so many people are forced to do. But we can do better! I have seen so much pain in the system of ours. If I won't stand up to protect my relationship with Dom-who will?

I have also received notification from Hearing Examiner Davies that my modification petition was rejected for "no cause of action." Clearly Domenic had relocated since the last order was decided. It appears the law recognizes relocation of a valid reason for adjustment. I can't explain what happened?

A great part of my time is spent praying for a happy resolution to all of this. Please, Judge Klim, consider some immediate action that will save the precious vacation time that remains. Time lost with children can never be replaced. Please.

I look forward to your reply.

Respectfully yours,


John Murtari

Cc: Ms. Maureen Walsh, Esq.