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2 August 2000


Honorable David G. Klim
Family Court
401 Montgomery Street
Syracuse, NY 13202

Dear Judge Klim,

With every passing day I hope and pray for my release and the ability to share some precious family time with Domenic. By the time you get this there will be three weeks remaining of our summer vacation. Please allow this to happen.

A record is being accumulated here, and even though we disagree-I hope it is one we will be able to look on with pride. I try to appreciate your position, you have a great responsibility to enforce the law. I don't think anyone can accuse you of being a 'softy'-you gave me the maximum sentence, 6 months, with no possibility for early release (good time).

I can't help but be disturbed over your continuing refusal to delay the sentence. Some folks in the Reform Group have sent me money and I was able to order the brief transcript of our session when I pleaded for a delay in the sentence:

"The question is not the best interests of the child at this point … you need a wake up call with respect to what you are doing and the consequences they are having on your son."

Why should knowing Dom and my mom are also being denied family time be part of my "wake up call?" So far Dom has been denied 3 weeks of family time that is only available to him once a year. Whatever happened to "Children First?" Some people have written me to say, "the judge knows you are not afraid of jail, he is using Domenic to break your will …" I hope that is not true.

Judge, please treat my position with sincerity also. Try to understand my love for Domenic and the needless pain I have seen him put through. I have worked hard to make the best of a bad situation. Instead of sticking to punishment, I wish you could call for a hearing on modification. This could only help.

Please allow the remaining vacation to take place before it is too late. I look forward to your reply.

Respectfully yours,


John Murtari

Cc: Ms. Maureen Walsh, Esq.