10 W. Genesee Street, Apt. 19

                                                                                    Baldwinsville, NY  13027

                                                                                    September 1, 1999

Support Collection Unit

600 S. State Street, 5th Floor

Syracuse, NY  13202


Dear Sir/Madam:


This letter is to let you know about credits which may be due to my account. I also want to let you know that I got a call from the state Tax Department about a “tax warrant” to be issued against me?  I have written you on two earlier occasions to explain my situation in letters dated February 17th  and April 28th – please let me know if they are not on file. The account number associated with these is: BE41364P1, and Docket No: F54098


I have attached an excerpt from the Judgement in this matter (Attch A), which explains that travel expenses are to be shared and credit given.  This summer my former wife did not have the money to bring Domenic here so I was required to both pick him up and return him.


Attached are the total expenses from those two trips.  You will note that we flew out of New York City -–this was done to bring down the air fares to a reasonable rate. Departing out of Syracuse the fares were almost double because the duration of stay was either too short or too long to qualify for a discount fare.


The items are:

·        B - My round trip ticket to California to pickup/return Domenic: $321.00

·        C - Round trip tickets for both of us from California to New York: $553.70

·        D - Car rental for me from Syracuse to New York to get Dom: $93.26

·        E - Parking fee to leave my car at the Airport when using the above rental: $10.20

·        F - Refueling for the rental car: $5.25

·        G - Refueling for the rental car: $14.00

·        H - Parking Garage at LaGuardia on our return to California: $38.00

·        I - Parking Garage at LaGuardia when I went to California: $28.00
—hotel was required, the discount tickets were early AM flights and had to be there the day before.

·        J - Overnight hotel in Denver picking up Domenic: $58.00

·        K - Overnight hotel in Denver dropping him off: $73.00


TOTAL:  $1193.00



                                                                                                Sincerely yours,



                                                                                                John Murtari